October 2023

Rosy, our disabled lamb has made world wide news.

She arrived with us completely unable to move under her own steam, but with work through physiotherapy her front legs are now strong.  

She's being aided by a dog wheelchair specially adapted for her and kindly donated by Clair Louise Nixon of Wheels to Paws UK.

The story of Rosy first broke on the nation BBC TV news but has since been picked up by many news agencies around the world.

Her rear legs are now begining to gain strength too.  one of them had been broken and had reset itself badly over time and the other rear leg had withered through lack of use while she lay on her side for too long.

But the great news is that not only is she now pulling her own weight along using her front legs, but her rear legs are both gaining strength and pushing too.  

This is a great sign.  She has other problems, having lost one eye and part of her mouth on one side, but this isn't preventing her from being the brightest and happiest little sheep!  

Her charecter is shining through and she's made friends with several of the other four-legged family here including our collie cross jack russel, Siegfried, who rushes to see her every morning to check she's ok.


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In June 2023 The Rescue Ranch was voted 'Sanctuary of the Month' by Vegan Food and Living Magazine.

We're absolutely thrilled!

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