The Rescue Ranch

The Rescue Ranch is owned & run by Sue Franks & Julian Amos.

We've been here in our little corner of Warwickshire since 1996. 

Our first two goats, Ellie and Pheobe, were rescued from a pub & were quickly followed by more goats, then sheep, a lamb or two, then more goats, then a few rabbits, then guinea pigs...

The land bought to originally home just Ellie and Pheobe became an animal sanctary almost over-night as more animals arrived in desperate need of a home.

The sanctuary remained 'private' for many years.  Nobody knew we were here, we funded everything ourselves and the sanctuary didn't even have a name...

It was destined to be over 20 years before we let the world know that we existed, and around this time we also came up with the name, 'The Rescue Ranch' whilst registering as a non-profit organisation and opening a tresurers bank account to keep everything in order.

Since then kind followers of our work have made donations both in feed, goods and usefull everyday items we need and also in money donations. 

This has all helped enormously and the love and encouragement we recieve from followers keeps our spirits up even on the bad days.

Thanks so much to everyone who follows our work here at The Rescue Ranch and if you're reading this for the first time, perhaps you'd like to find us on facebook or instagram and stay in-touch too. 

We also now have fairly regular open mornings/afternoons where you can book to visit us - just message us throug the facebook page.