We don't like to ask for money donations here at The Rescue Ranch.  We'd much rather you'd buy one of our Rescue Ranch themed T Shirts, mugs or bags, or perhaps consider sponsoring one of our lovely family at £24 per year, (please see the 'Sponsor' page) for which you'll recieve a certificate, a photo, and a write up about how your chosen sponsored animal came to live here at The Ranch.  You can come and visit them (and us) too, and as we're not open to the general public it's a rare opportunity to see how we run The Ranch and keep all our wonderful four legs happy.  

We also run raffles via our Facebook page and have other competitions running from time to time.

You can also sign up to EASY FUNDRAISING when shopping.  This links to many retailers, and each time you make a purchase, the retailer gives us a small donation.  It doesn't cost you a penny!

We also have a 'Wish List' on Amazon's site.  The wish-list contains many essential items we use every day, from sacks of goat feed to disposable gloves.  Every item on the site is essential to us and we'd be gratefull for any item listed however unusual it sounds!