Want to know about goats and where they come from?

It's reckoned that goats first became domesticated by humans sometime between 8000 - 10,000 BC.  Right now there's some 520 million goats kept domestically all around the world, (and many more wild feral goats roaming many countries throught the world too) and amongst those many millions are a bewildering variety of breeds.  More than 500, or so I'm told, maybe even more that haven't even been discovered yet...  Some of those breeds are endangered, and here at The Rescue Ranch we have one or two that fall into that category - our six Golden Gurnseys being especially note worthy in this case.  

Goats have unfortunately become very useful to humans.  Being able to live on poor scrub land foraging for food, and yet still able to provide milk, meat (heaven forbid!), hair from their coats can be weaved into pelts, cloth, ropes and carpets and their soft undercoat becomes expensive cashmere or mohair. Their skins are used for water carriers and the like or tanned for leather (also not our thing here at the sanctuary!) and their dung can be used for both fertilizer and fuel.  It's no wonder they are kept by so mant herders in so many countries.

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