12. Sep, 2016

Hattie the albino rabbit arrives to mend Freddie's broken heart. After the sad loss of Daphne we had to find Freddie a new companion. Meet Hattie... She was returned to a Pets at Home store unwanted and they were unable to re-home her because no one liked her pink eyes! Well we do, and so does Freddie. He's very happy again now, skipping and jumping about with glee despite his advancing years. They're lovely together.

29. Aug, 2016

After a gale distroyed Emma's old field shelter we had a day of rebuilding a new one using the old materials.  I think she's happy with it. It'll have a front added before winter arrives.   

28. Aug, 2016

All royalties from my book sales (Test Rider, The true motorcycling adventures of a secret development test rider') are ploughed directly into The Rescue Ranch to help us fund our animal wellfare and pay for the up-keep of the buidings and land at the sanctuary, so if you're nice enough to buy a copy you'll be helping The Rescue Ranch directly too.  The book includes a good deal about our life at the sanctuary and how we came to start in the first place, oh, and a bit about my life as a Development Test Rider for Triumph Motorcycles for the last 20 year as well...  It's available to order from all book shops or you'll find it on Amazon in hardback, paperback or Kindle.    

27. Aug, 2016

Sue's new cordless sheers are fab. You'll notice she doesn't have to roll our sheep over to disable them as is the normal method. This is because they trust her whilst she's sheering them - something that's unheard of at working farms!