10. Jan, 2017

The saddest end to 2016, Edward passed away only a week before Christmas, he was 16 years old, He is greatly missed, he was a very gentle and affectionate goat, who loved cuddles and followed me around, the place feels very sad and empty without his big personaitly

2. Nov, 2016

Sadly Herbie our lovely adorable rescued lamb died, he was only with us for three weeks and he was lovely, cheeky happy and loving, we miss him so much and he's left a big big hole in our lives..we fought to save him, the vet came out to him several times in one week and we lost the fight..

10. Oct, 2016

Here's Hazel, Lovely fussy little Guinea Pig, and best friend of Toby (below).

10. Oct, 2016

Two new Guinea Pig arrivals coming to us from their previous home in Studley.  The grey and white one is Toby and the brown and white one is Hazel.  They have to live appart at the moment as neither are neutered but are good friends and we have to make sure their homes and out-door runs are next to each other so they can still be together.  Both are very sweet natured and enjoy being fussed.  

12. Sep, 2016

Herbie is a six month old ram. When he was born his mother accidentally trampled him. As a result he's arrived with us with very bad back legs which make him stagger when he walks, a bit like Douglas Bader. Should have called him Douglas really, but we've already got a Douglas (another ram)! A trip to the vet has confirmed that he has torn ligaments in both knees. Sue is injecting him regularly with an anti inflamitory and we're trying to keep him quiet, but he's getting about and joining in very well despite his problems. We're just hoping he improves as he grows up. We'll do all we can, of course and he's being spoiled rotten.