26. Aug, 2016

The Rescue Ranch is run by Susan and Jules. We're a husband and wife team who both happen to share a love of animals.
Susan Franks founded the Sanctuary in 1996 single handedly when she rescued two goats that were going to slaughter. She bundled them into her car and searched for some land where she could keep them, eventually purchasing a few acres of farm land near Warwick. She soon took in sheep and lambs that were going to slaughter and later small animals began arriving too, rabbits and guinea pigs from children who no longer wanted them.
As time progressed more animals found their way to us, from disabled lambs to elderly sheep, some arriving in very poor condition and even one with a broken leg.
Over the last couple of decades Susan has dedicated her life to rescuing animals and giving them a wonderful life. There's been no time for a day off or a holiday as she gives full time care, day and night, to all the animals here.
We provide lifelong sanctuary to animals in need, particularly elderly and disabled animals and those with special needs.
We continue care for all our intakes - that quickly become part of our ever larger furry family, into their old age. If they become - heartbreakingly -terminally ill, their treatment is ongoing and around the clock care is given. No expense is spared when treatment is needed and we never give up on our animals even when expensive medical treatment is required. We always go above and beyond to give the very best care and that chance to prolong a good quality of life.
We're lucky enough to have an experienced and trusted vet at our disposal locally who is always available for call-outs to us or on the other end of a phone during such times as illness or minor ailments throughout their lives.